Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here We Go!!!

Here's the kickoff to the start of my blog. Feel free to drop any pointers or helpful advice or criticism at any time (I like to think I have tough skin). Artist's blogs have been so influential to me and my art that I decided to try to give back in the same way. Hopefully my artwork can inspire someone out there as I have been inspired by other artists.

First off let me say anyone who is serious about learning the true art of caricature you need to go to and sign up today for Jason Seiler's caricature class. It's amazing! I learned so much from that course and it built my confidence to a level that I never could have imagined. It's A LOT of work but worth every second you put into it. It is for that reason that I decided to post some of my work I did in the class.

Here is my sketch for the first assignment in the class. It is also my first digital sketch.

I'm almost ashamed to post this picture but I have grown a lot during the course

Here is my first painting and digital painting I've ever done. Jason provided a picture and sketch and we had to do a value study, in Photoshop, and paint over the sketch. Here's mine (this was our third assignment):

Here is a caricature I sketched from scratch and painted. This was the next assignment given to us in the class.

Here's my first attempt at a full color caricature. Ran out of time on this one and definitely need to spend more time on the color. Painting in color could be a course on its own.

Here is an assignment where we had to study the skull as we sketched. Pretty interesting.

The next couple pictures are the sketch and final illustration for the class. I chose to draw Tyler Perry.

Unfortunately I didn't finish painting this final drawing and it is still a WIP.

Here are some extra sketches I did while trying to decide what to do for a final illustration


MzTiff said...

Well Hello,
Your art has always been fascinating to me. You have come such a long way from your starting point and I'm proud of you. Much success in your art life!

2BLIKHM said...

Dat Brotha!!! NICE.

Chris said...

Awe my sister visited my blog. Thanks! Your artwork (my nephews) have always fascinated me too.

DatSista said...

I'm so proud of you babe!!! All the late nights are starting to truly pay off. You are on your way! We love you!!

Kema said...

Hey, Chris...AWESOME, my brutha! This is Talona's friend/soror from NW Arkansas (Valley Harvest). I had no idea that you had this gift. Do your thing!!!