Saturday, January 3, 2009

Steve Harvey sketch (*UPDATED*)

I was watching one of his stand up comedies and felt like giving his face a try.

I wasn't satisfied with the likeness of the sketch after staring at it so I decided to make some changes. Steve's head really isn't that wide so by shrinking it a bit I accomplished two things: 1) Reduced the mass on the top of his head which gave a better likeness 2) Made is mouth look bigger which is exactly what I was trying to exaggerate. When I look at Steve Harvey I always remember his smile, dimples and big lips.

I guess this is a good time to stress thumbnail sketching. I learned about thumbnails while taking Jason Seiler's caricature class. It's kinda like exercising their face with quick small sketches to see what will and won't work. I just dove in with this sketch and kept with the first sketch. I do, however, like the second sketch I did of him. So much so I might just finish this monochromatic painting. I guess we'll see.


Shika said...

Hey Chris...just wanted to show your page some love!! I definitely like the 2nd sketch better of Steve Harvey. Shrinking his head definitely enhanced his smile. As we all know that is one thing you remember about him. All of your sketches are awesome!!! You are truly talented!! I can't wait to see the next sketches and to watch you grow as an artist.

Niall O loughlin said...

Very nice work on your blog!

richard said...

very good, love the mouth exaggeration, very funny.