Monday, June 22, 2009

Wade Sketch

Haven't posted in a while (life gets busy) so I decided to do a quick sketch of one of my favorite NBA players Dwayne Wade. I actually had a body on him but I didn't like the proportion of it so I decided to just post a headshot.

"The prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective" - James 5:16


flam1ng n1nja11 said...

I LOVE THIS!! dude. i was wondering if i can get the full body off ya? cos i am working with this head if its alright with you in Illustrator. Cartoonisin your works. Love the Dwight too. Im also a Christian From Australia. do Graphic Design !!

Peace mate

flam1ng n1nja11 said...

Hey mate i did some stuff to him and want you to see

Also this is an amare i have done :)

Chris Davis said...

Thanks flaming ninja! Always refreshing to meet another follower of the faith in the art field as well. I have quite a few NBA pieces I'm trying to get out to the blog (my day job warps all my energy somehow, thus slowing the process). I'm in the process of painting this DWade and I've actually started coloring the Howard in color pencils. Nevertheless, to answer you question; feel free to "cartoon" my stuff just make sure you link to my blog or give me a mention. I don't have a body for this Wade pose but I will be posting A LOT of full body NBA players shortly.

Thanks again for stopping by

flam1ng n1nja11 said...

looking forward to the future works bro!