Sunday, March 29, 2009

Traditional or Digital?

To all who follow or visit. I have been in quite a slump lately sketching. I know what I want to do as far as shapes, values, and exaggeration; but find it hard to translate when I fire up my Wacom Tablet. I've been struggling for quite some time now and just figured maybe it takes a little while longer to catch on to this whole digital sketching. Well I was praying about it and God told me to just be true to me. Don't try to do what everyone else is doing, although you do admire their work. Do what is comfortable to you. I took Him at his word and have gone back to good 'ol pencil and paper. Now it seems like there is no block between my mind and hand. I realized that drawing digitally wasn't showing my full growth and potential. Not bashing digital sketching but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. So I figured from here out I'll more than likely do my sketches with pencil, then scan them in and color them in photoshop. Seems like the easiest workflow for me right now. Maybe it will change in the future. How about you other artists out there? Have you gone through a similar learning/frustrating curve with sketching with a tablet? Just curious.

Let your light shine! -Matthew 5:16

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Steph.F. said...

Hey Chris! I think that everyone goes through a slump of one kind or another. They're just little obstacles that arise to challenge you. It's how you get around them that matters. Do you give in and give up, or do you gather your strength and figure out how to rise above it, thus making you better than you were before? Life would be so easy if we were never presented with such obstacles and if everything came to us so easily. Your work has improved so much - i was blown away by the caricature below this one. I think if pencil and paper works better for you than the tablet, go with pencil and paper. In the end, it's the final result that matters, not how you got there. :) Keep up the great work!!