Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well I haven't posted something new in quite sometime. However, I've been going through one of the most difficult transitions I've ever faced in my life. God has transitioned my family from one church to another. Simple right? Wrong! Long story short, it is hard to leave a relationship before something wrong manifests itself physically. Kind of like leaving your mate because you believe they will cheat before they actually do. More accurately, maybe you have come to a point in your relationship that you see that your growth has surpassed the others involved or God is truly pulling you in a different direction. Whatever the case may be you have to move and obey God. But in leaving you better believe that there will be hard feelings. There will be hurt, and even a little hate. The church is not immune to people with these feelings and neither are pastors. It's what you do with those feelings that matters. I would classify my transition as a spiritual promotion. God has so much in store for me and my family that He refuses to allow anything or anyone to slow down the process. So on my part there is nothing but love for my prior church and all the members there. I pray the feelings will be mutual. One barometer to know if you are truly operating correctly in transitions in your life read Galations 5:22-23. These are fruits or proofs of the spirit. They should be evident on both sides. If you don't see them on your end you need to do a self check and go back to your prayer closet to ensure you're hearing from the Holy Spirit correctly.

My new pastor R.A. Vernon is truly a blessing to my entire family. We joined the church just in time to catch his series on dealing with relationships. It has ministered to me on a higher level and has truly transformed how I deal with everyone I have relationships with; prior and current. You can check out the church here. Anybody in the Akron, Canton, or Cleveland area I would highly recommend you attend. Or you can catch him on streamingfaith for live sermons. I pray he be a blessing to you as he has been for me!

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